Lakewood Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review

About Lakewood's SMP

Lakewood’s current Shoreline Master Program (SMP) was adopted in 2014.

You can view the

2014 SMP here.

You can view the pending 2019 Shoreline Master Program here at page 5.

You can view the pending 2019 Restoration Plan here at page 129.

SMP Periodic Review FAQs

Public participation will be an essential component in the review of, and possible amendments to, the SMP to guide the management of the City’s shorelines. Check the Events page to view the upcoming opportunities for public input. 

Within the City of Lakewood, the areas regulated under the SMP includes the shorelines of American Lake, Gravelly Lake, Lake Steilacoom, Waughop Lake, Lake Louise, Chambers Creek, Clover Creek and associated wetlands within the Lakewood City limits.

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